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This is your dream, make a custom cloths like t-shirt,jean,hoodie,cap,shoes with your own image, text,anything you want.

With this t-shirt printing machine, we can print any image at cloths,t-shirt,jean,hoodie,cap,shoes,the printing will takes about 2-5 minutes only,Hope this will be a simple way for your printing business


Your dream has no restrictions on the number of colors you can use. It has no limit on the size of your vision in print.

And it has no room for anything but perfect prints.

Beautiful, ugly, hilarious, moving, images big or small.

You know what?

We get you.

That’s why we made the DTG Printer a limitless BRAND-MAKER. Because we know that for you it’s not printing t-shirts – it’s printing the FUTURE.


Keep reading… and see how it does that.
Contunie Printing

Support Continue printing option, full

automatic height adjustment, save lot of time for printing

Multi-Size Graphics

Easy printing with any photo size, fit your shirt size easy

     Zero Setup Time

Speed,Flexibility and Highest Return on Investment

Investment are reasons you will crush your competition when your business is powered by DTG.

     Support White Ink

With white ink support, so it can print color image at any color cloths

Some demo printing video

We've helped 2000+ People start and expand their business with our t-shirt printing machine,would you like to be the next one?

Durable,Productive,Professional T-shirt Printing 
The DTG Version GF3320

The GF3320 is not like other direct to garment Printers.


Others printers have limications -they have a limited size or smaller size within 10" x 15".Our printer can print max. image size up to

13" x 20" (33x50cm),by the way, it can do continue automatic printing, time saving for you to more business, easy maintenance ,printer build with auto

cleaning system, also you can do manual cleaning if you have time

The GF3320 Build without limits and here are some unique feature:

Big printing Area- You can print L,XL,XXL and even bigger size garments, the max. printing size is 13" x 20"

CISS,Not Cartridges-Our printer build with Bulk ink supply system, continue ink supply systems,we can refill ink and do clean easy with CISS,and the ink will not easy to get clog compare with cartridges

Most Profit Per Print -Lowest cost, most profit, just 2 ways to say the same thing:every shirt you will print will cost less on the GF3320 than the other DTG Printers.That means you can make more money every time you print, on every order.

Auto-Height Adjustment -This isn't Just another time saver, just another way that make you more productive.it's a money savers hassle saver, and a time saver.Every time you load up a new shirt onto most printers, you have to adjust the height of the platen - that really takes time,And its hassle because sometimes you're just going to forget and the shirt will be too low - that makes a fuzzy print.That's if you are on the lucky side- If you are on the unlucky side, the platen is too hight and you get a head strike.Ask your DTG Vendor what that will cost you.The GF3320 had an automatic height adjustment- not a problem

 Model Number:GF3320

 Ink Type:Textile Ink

 Printer Head: Piezo 180 nozzles per channel Printer Head

 Ink Color: C M Y K + W W

 Printer Tray Size:33cm X 50cm

 Print Thickness Flat: 0-20CM

 Advantage :High Resolution,Precise Positioning,Full Automatic adjustment for print height

 Print TechnologySmart Bidirectional Printing,Auto Nozzle checking,Auto Nozzles cleaning system,Smart size of ink  droplet

 Protection:Full Automatic for the tray height, tray movement,easy protection for the head

 Up/Down Full Automatic

 Print Speed:About 173 seconds/A3 Size Photo Image

 Print Weight :0-5KG

 Ink Assistant :Continue Ink Supply System(CISS)

Working Condition :Temperature:20℃-30℃,Humidity  40%-70%

 Print Software :Acro RIP 9

 Connection:USB2.0/1.1/3.0 Port

 Power Require :110/220V,Around 60W


 Computer Sys : Windows XP,7,8,10

 Printer Weight: 50kg(83KG with package)

 Size Printer:85x63x58cm  Package:92*69*64CM

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